Queer Songbook explores and celebrates the queer voice in songs from across the ages. 

An aviary of non-heteronormative guests have been invited to choose their dearest, queerest song – the song that spoke their truth, strummed their pain or lit a defiant flame in their youth. 

Stitched together into a coat of many colours by your hirsute hostess, Timberlina, each guest tells the story of their song before singing it live with the amazing Queer Songbook Band & DJ Auntie Maureen.

Mixtape #1 – 10 Oct 2018
Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London

Violins: Claire Motyer & Mathide Gheorghiu
Woodwinds: Craig White
Horn: Katrina Lauder (and MD)
Keys: Owen Duff

Bass: Naomi Anderson
Drums: Deena Jackman
Harp: Louisa Duggan

Guest Singers
Juno Dawson
Dan Gillespie Sells
David McAlmont
Jayne Snow
Roni Guetta
Stuart Flynn

All images copyright of Rachel Adams