Queer Songbook explores and celebrates the queer voice in songs from across the ages.

An aviary of non-heteronormative guests have been invited to choose their dearest, queerest song – the song that spoke their truth, strummed their pain or lit a defiant flame in their youth.

Stitched together into a coat of many colours by your host, Tarik Elmoutawakil, each guest tells the story of their song before singing it live with the amazing Queer Songbook Band.

Presented in collaboration with Traumfrau

Mixtape #3 – 2 August 2019
Brighton Pride “Riot” Special
The Spire, Brighton

Tarik Elmoutawakil

Guest Singers
Fen Kerrison
Stuart Warwick
Kate Shields
Ebony Rose Dark
David Sheppeard
Maria Gardner (aka Miss Disney).

Strings Leader: Claire Motyer
Woodwinds: Craig White
Horn: Katrina Lauder
Bass: Naomi Anderson
Drums: Tom White
Keys: Nick Bonadies